David Ogilvy-Confession of a man advertising

“I wrote the book during my summer vacation in 1962 I gave my son copyright on the day he turned 21. I thought you sell 4,000 copies. To my surprise, it was a bestseller duration and then translated into fourteen languages was. So far they have sold about a million copies. Why did I write it? First, to attract new clients for my advertising agency. secondly, to increase our share price. Third, to become known in the business world. The book has achieved all three objectives … We have received letters from some unknown people thank me for major increases in sales after applying the ideas in this book. I met with several personalities from the world of marketing saying that owe their career of being read once Confessions. If it seems like you felt a slight hint of conceit in the book, you should know that my conceit is selective. They are incompetent in any other area except public. Not able to make a balance, working on computer, to ski, to play golf, to paint or to navigate. But when it comes to advertising, Advertising Age said to be “king of creativity in advertising.” When Fortune published an article about me entitled “David Ogilvy is a genius?” I asked my lawyer to sue him for questioning the title. “(David Ogilvy) David Ogilvy, the undisputed master of modern American advertising was actually true-born British: a Scottish pedigree, educated at Oxford. her whole life has been guided by the spirit of adventure and the proverbial stubbornness inherited from his ancestors. He left school history, attracted by the lure of Paris, then beat country roads in Scotland carrying a briefcase salesman, passed Ocean to work in research with the legendary George Gallup, he participated in the design of psychological warfare in the British intelligence. Nothing but predicted that, at age 38, Ogilvy adventurer would turn into a genius copywriter. The advertising agency that she founded in 1949 with only 6000 dollars is now one of the largest communications networks in the world with over 450 offices in 120 countries. In her portfolio are corporations like American Express, BAT, BP, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Ford, Gillette, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, Kraft, Lenovo, Motorola, Nestlé, Unilever and Yahoo.

Product published in 2009 Humanitas Issue Date : January 2009 Public spaces Collection1ss01


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